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I can’t believe that a whole month has passed since I last posted. I would love to say that I had finished a number of paintings but sadly that would clearly be a lie. I have however been working on three canvases which I hope to be able to share soon. They are all upon the request of friends so are of fairly eclectic subjects!

I have also been putting together ideas for some smaller paintings to try and sell via Folksy. Does anyone else have experience selling on this site? The plan for these smaller paintings is to build-up (and maintain) productivity. I am therefore open to trying any particular subject matter that might sell well!

No further news on the bigger project I am planning as yet, although as the aim is to try and get some of these paintings finished for the round of open exhibition submissions in the autumn I need to get cracking!

I can definitely see my practice starting to evolve into two strands. Smaller stand-alone canvases of objects and abstracts to try and hone my observational and compositional skills, and a bigger body of work which will have a central concept. Ideally I will be able to utilise the skills developed and learnt from the smaller paintings into my central body of work.

One of the art-related things I have done recently was attend the WindowsOn event:

It was an afternoon of art, music, craft and beer; all in aid of a good cause. It is a great idea to utilise a space that is normally overlooked, and as the paintings will be up for a year there is still plenty of opportunity to pop along to Sumo to have a look. The plan is to auction the art works at the end of the year. This is an annual event so look out for details of how to participate next year.

As part of the project there was a specially commissioned piece by the artist Hugo Kaagman:

Kaagman also had t-shirts and smaller pieces for sale during the event. I really liked these images – a strong graphic aesthetic combining my love of Pop Art and old things (I think the blue and white palette is reminiscent of old patterned crockery).

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