Residency fever!

This spring has seen two friends undertake artists’ residencies. From visiting Cyprus for a month during my degree I know what a fantastic opportunity it is to be allowed the space and time to get totally immersed in your studio practice. I am very envious of both opportunities as I need something like this to force me into really getting back into my work again.

Lucy Stevens is an ex work colleague who predominantly works in sound. You can visit her website and blog here. Lucy had a month residency at CAMAC just outside Paris – you can read (and hear) about her experiences on the dedicated blog about her residency here.

I keep meaning to speak to Lucy about the possibility of doing a collaborative project around local haunted sites, looking at ways to develop paintings in direct response to sound recordings taken ‘on-site’. Lucy’s enthusiasm for ‘pin-hole’ photography has also got me thinking about how I might be able to use this as a basis for new paintings. If you’re reading this Lucy remind me about it when I next see you!

A fellow student from my University days, Christabel Dunham (Tink), is also just coming to the end of a two week residency at Burton Agnes Hall. She has been based in the summer house (a studio location I am most envious of!):

You can see what Tink has been up to on her Facebook page. I particularly like her painting in response to the ghost that is said to haunt the Hall (ghost related subjects always a winner with me!):

Tink also produces handmade jewellery and t-shirt prints – I still need to get on top of practising my sewing skills (which are currently just slightly above nil) to incorporate into some new handmade card designs.

I hope that both Lucy and Tink enjoyed their residencies as much as I enjoyed mine in Cyprus. I have received an exciting art-related opportunity this evening which may just give me the focus to get on with some new work – more to follow as I look into this further!

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