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I was reminded the other day that I never did get round to providing an update on my entry ‘Opera’ to the Saatchi Showdown contest earlier in the year. The contest provided the opportunity to be part of an annual exhibition in New York:

During the course of voting being open I spent a while polling within the top 1000 (even being ranked as high as 789 at one point) which was all very exciting (in a geeky kind of way!). I mostly stayed around the 1500 mark during the voting period, but fell down the rankings rapidly over the last couple of days of voting:

The aim was to finish in the top 50% and I can confirm that I ended up 2271 out of 5121 entries. This means that I ended up in the top 44% of entries so met my target – many thanks to all of those who took the time to vote!

I need to get back up to speed with Saatchi Online as I haven’t logged in for a while, and I was finding it a useful networking tool to make contact with galleries and other artists. As it is free to join I would say that it is definitely worth creating a profile if you are an artist.

I will look-out for other Showdown contests, although I have received notification that they are changing the format of the contests following feedback regarding voting. Entries will now go before a panel to create a selection of works for the public to vote on, and you will no longer be able to beg for votes using a link to your entry.

This will make it fairer, less annoying for my followers on twitter, but maybe also not quite as fun. Reducing the chances of random images winning because artists have a big network of contacts to tap into is probably a good thing though for the integrity of the contest.

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