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One of the great things about moving to a new area is exploring your new surroundings. Given my penchant for local history, and old things generally, I was most excited during an early evening stroll to discover these old painted signs still evident on the walls of buildings and houses of local streets:

I love the fact that these have managed to survive, and their weathered appearance makes them a prime-target for becoming incorporated into future ‘layered’ compositions. Ideas for how to represent what the buildings were used for, and what they now are, within a single composition are already being considered.

A local antique shop has also already claimed the name I would like to use if I opened a shop full of second-hand things:

My accumulation of ‘stuff’ was most annoying when packing to move. However, I fear that the memory of the annoyingness of carting around all that ‘stuff’ is already becoming a distant memory, and my tendency to hoard useless items is not yet cured!

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