Been down the tip...

…this is the rather feeble excuse I am using to explain my complete absence from blogging, partial twitter disappearance, and the seeming abandonment of any art work production. During my hiatus I have indeed been down the tip, a Victorian rubbish tip to be exact!

Upon receiving insider information from Ruth Singer regarding a partially uncovered Victorian rubbish tip, we arranged a Sunday afternoon foraging excursion to see what we could find. Ruth clearly has a keener eye than me as she picked-up some great items (including a teapot spout, a fire billow, and various ceramic handles). I managed to find pieces of ceramics, lots of old shoes, and (after much hunting) some only slightly damaged glass bottles.

My favourite item was a linseed bottle that Ruth managed to spy and kindly donated to me:

I will hopefully be able to incorporate this, along with a few other glass bottles I found, into a still life arrangement in the future.

The tip reference is fairly apt as everything has been a bit rubbish recently – end of a relationship, having to find somewhere new to live, and a friend getting injured. However, good things have also happened – a new job that will allow more painting time, exploring a new area, and friends getting married.

I like to think that I am now seeing the (rescued from the rubbish tip) linseed bottle as half-full rather than half-empty!

Now I am feeling a little bit more settled, and I have my easel set back up, I hope to be able to dedicate some time to getting my studio practice back off the ground. I certainly have lots of half-finished paintings to try and get completed!

It is good to be back. Although not in the thick of it again just yet, I am certainly battling toward some sort of creative momentum. Now I’m off to have a look around to see what everyone else has been creating in my absence!

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