#TwitterArtExhibit update

As you may recall I submitted ‘Soldier’ to the #twitterartexhibit towards the end of last year:

(Image courtesy of David Sandum Flickr photostream)

The exhibition in Moss, Norway, is now entering its last week or so and has been a great success with over 100 works sold, and $3000+ raised for the library to buy children’s books.

My painting has not sold yet (I am an acquired taste!), but I am very pleased that I took the time to submit to contribute to this worthwhile cause. With thanks once again to David Sandum for all of his hard working putting this exhibition together, and his tireless promotion and enthusiasm for the project.

If you are in the Moss area please do go and have a look at this exhibition. There are lots of fantastic works of art, and it is a great opportunity to support a worthwhile course whilst also maybe picking up an original piece of art for a bargain price. The hanging of the works has recently been revised so, even if you have already seen the exhibition, there is no excuse not to go again!

This project has certainly seems to have brought artists together on twitter. The best thing for me is that it has allowed me to correspond with artists from all over the world whom otherwise I may never have known about.

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