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Following my entry into this Saatchi Showdown contest towards the end of last year, I have discovered that Saatchi Online are holding another contest. As part of the prize received the four winning entries will be displayed in the Scope Art Fair in New York in early March 2011.

I enjoyed the process of entering the previous contest so will definitely try to get another submission in (and as it is free I have not really got anything to lose). I managed to make some new art connections through entering the last contest so definitely think that it is worth taking the time to create a profile if you are an artist.

I am considering entering one of the following three paintings:

  • Marble

  • Bracken

  • Opera

Which one do you think I should go for? I know which is my front-runner at the moment, but I will not reveal my thoughts as I don’t want to sway your vote. Please leave a comment to cast your vote, tweet my on twitter, or leave me a message my Facebook page. Votes need to be cast by 11.59pm onMonday 24 January.

The winning entry from the previous contest I entered are due to be announced imminently. For the record, my vote in the final round went to ‘Subversion’ by Miriam Sweeney.

I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are on what I should enter this time! As before my realistic aim will try to finish within the top 50% of entries (I ended in the top 58% last time).

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