Retro crayons

I was most excited to receive the following as a gift for my birthday earlier in the month:

I had a set of these pencil crayons when I was younger (I think possibly as a birthday present from my parents), and they were used excessively all the way through middle-school, GCSEs, A Level, and then finally my degree. Never one to throw things away, I still have the tin that these original pencils came in, but the contents have either been used and not replaced, or sharpened down to almost nothing.

I find these pencils particularly useful to undertake preparatory work for paintings – the colours are easy to blend, and they are particularly sensitive when drawing lines, so you can easily represent different densities and saturations of colour. The other great thing about these crayons is that they can be individually replaced so, as long as you maintain the original contents of the tin, there is no need to contemplate buying a complete new set each time your favourite colour runs out.

Despite evidence to the contrary I am not a promoter for, or a sales executive/on commission from, Caran d'Ache, but if they are reading this and do want to send me some free samples they would be put to good use!

Using the crayons is a lot more immediate than using paint and so I am hoping that they will encourage to experiment more in my mark-making. I will keep you posted on the sketches I complete with these crayons (it has been a while since I properly used them so expect initial results to be a little ropey). With some practice I hope to generate some interesting ideas that will hopefully rejuvenate my approach to both image-making and the painting process.

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