New-fangled technology

I have started the New Year by finally taking the plunge and investing in Photoshop (well Photoshop Elements anyway). It is longer ago than I care to admit that I last used Photoshop so this will be a bit of a baptism of fire. I made the investment using the reasoning that it could be used to inform the development of my art work, but really it is just an excuse to get a new toy!

I last properly used Photoshop fleetingly for one project during my degree (this was out of necessity rather than choice). I am ashamed to admit that I did not take full advantage of the tutorage on offer in this instance. I have also used it in a work context (but this was really just for resizing images and re-adjusting resolutions for website maintenance purposes).

This is my first opportunity to see how I might be able to use the programme to manipulate photographs I have taken, and play with other features, to inspire and evolve my art work in terms of composition arrangement, technique, and approach.

I knew I was out of the Photoshop loop as soon as the programme opened and I was faced with a completely unfamiliar screen. Never one to get too daunted by computers and software (if the worst happens you can always switch it off at the plug), and certainly not one to sit down and read through pages of instructions (much more satisfying to learn from your own mistakes and frustrations of not being to do the simplest task for hours), I have launched myself into attempting to manipulate some photographs.

The images I am working with are ones sent to me for a painting I agreed to do as a retirement gift. The plan is to try and simplify them, both compositionally and stylistically, to develop a painting that strikes a balance between the contemporary and the traditional. I will try and develop several sketches from these to send to the client for them to select which they would like me to develop further into a painting.

As I am working from photographs sent to me by the client it makes it even more interesting to see what I can come up with, particularly as they are of things that would not necessarily have directly inspired me.

No images to share with you just yet – I have only really trialled adding effects to the photographs to see what happens so far - but I will keep you posted (hopefully once I have made some exciting progress!).


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