The party's over

It's official - the festive season is over. Over the past week the decorations have come down, I have reluctantly returned back to work, and I have stepped away from cooking (and eating) my way through the new Nigella Lawson cookbook I received as a Christmas gift.

One of the things I always do, during this return to the normal routine, is to keep all of the Christmas cards that I have been sent:

The purpose of this hoarding is not a reluctance to recycle, but rather a grand plan to up-cycle them to make my own cards for the following year. Given the back-log of cards that I have now accumulated this is something I really do need to get around to during 2011. I have already started to sketch some ideas for card designs (whilst I still have at least a very vague feeling of Christmas-ness).

I will use elements of the old cards to make collages. Each card will therefore be unique although all composed around a few basic designs. That is the plan anyway; whether or not I actually manage to finally implement it is another matter entirely.

I have already invested in some cards for next year in the post-Christmas sales just in case.

Pessimistic about my ability to get this project off the ground? Probably.

Nervous about leaving the whole project until the last minute and having no cards to send out next year? Absolutely!

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