Showdown - the result

I entered my painting 'Melodie' in the Showdown contest on Saatchi Online:


Acrylic on canvas


I have spent the past couple of weeks shamelessly plugging for votes on twitter. My realistic aim was to try and finish in the top 50% of entries.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, particularly as in order to do this you had to create a profile at Saatchi Online. I can confirm that I finished in the top 57% which, out of 4494 entries, I am very pleased with!

This is only approximate as Saatchi Online do not confirm your actual final positioning, so I had to take my last position reading five minutes before voting closed. My inner statistical geek would obviously have preferred to have received confirmation of a definitive end position!

The highest position I got to, from the times when I checked my progress, was 2287 (top 51%), and the lowest position 3757 (top 84%). The lowest position was when the competition very first opened, and the highest position at the peak of my own promotion of my entry before everyone got annoyed with my incessant tweeting!

It has been good fun taking part in Showdown and I will definitely try to enter something again. Via the contest I have managed to connect with some other artists and it has been inspiring to see some of the other work that was submitted.

Voting for the top 128 works is now taking place.

By the time the next Showdown contest launches I will hopefully have more images uploaded to Saatchi Online to select an entry from. You can also follow Saatchi Online on twitter to be kept up-to-date with opportunities, exhibitions and artists.

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