One of the paintings I worked on over the festive period was a portrait ofSylvia Plath for a friend as a Christmas present. Sadly I did not get it finished in time so 'Ariel' has become my last painting of 2010 and the first of 2011!:


Acrylic on canvas


This is a small square canvas and is named after a Plath poem. We studied Plath as part of our English Literature A Level and, despite the very serious content of much of Plath's work, I look back fondly on this time and remember lots of laughter!

I once again have four projects on the go - two very outstanding paintings and two new request arrivals. I also have an exciting potential opportunity in the pipeline which I am following-up. I daren't reveal too much about this at the moment in case nothing comes of it, but it is nice to start the New Year with so much work to get stuck into. Better get cracking...

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