Welcome to 2011!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011! I have emerged blinking in the light of the new year from the usual festive excess of too much food, drink and lounging around. Like many others I always see the New Year as an opportunity to take a fresh approach to things and try to banish bad habits.

With this in mind I decided to try and make some New Year resolutions. I do not normally make any resolutions but these are specifically art-related and, hopefully, fairly realistic:

  • Do some form of art work for at least one hour every day

This is something that I was already trying, not always successfully, to do. Airing on the side of realism this could take the form of painting, drawing, sketching, photography, research, social networking, or blogging. The only rule is that it has to be art related.

  • Take a more proactive approach to art-related opportunities

I want to continue to build my confidence in promoting my own work - after all, if I am not prepared to showcase my work to others who else is going to want to? I need to ensure that I continue to research, and keep an eye out for, opportunities to participate in exhibitions, competitions and projects. Last year I exhibit in Open 22, the #twitterartexhibit and entered Showdown; I intend to build upon this engagement with the wider artistic community during 2011.

  • Open Folksy shop

I have created a Folksy profile but have yet to upload any work to sell. I plan to make some smaller canvases that can be (hopefully safely) posted to buyers. I hope that creating a series of smaller works will also aid with resolution number 1.

  • Do at least one sketchbook page a week

The original plan to do a sketch-a-day was overly optimistic and completely unrealistic for me. By extending the timeframe it will give me time to actually try and develop something worthwhile in my sketchbook, and also stop me feeling completely despondent at not meeting my targets if I am not able to complete a sketchbook page on a particular day for whatever reason.

  • Start making handmade cards again

This is something that I have done on-and-off in the past but have never really stuck to. I need to develop a series of designs that I can make to build-up stock. It may be that, if successful, I could also list these on my Folksy shop.

  • Start using this sewing machine

Yes - I have still not got this to work. No - I have not admitted defeat. Yes - I will use it to sew two scraps of fabric together at the very least. Enough said.

  • Continue to blog

I find blogging really useful and so aim to continue to do so during 2011, maybe even making sure that posts are a bit more regular (although no guarantees!!).

Has anyone else made any resolutions? I am not sure how realistic mine are so it will be interesting to look back around March time to see if I keep any of them.

Best wishes to all for 2011 - let's hope that it is a good one!


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