Festive cheer

Painting has taken a bit of a back seat over the past week or so with all of the seasonal festivities. This is not all good as some of my presents were supposed to be painting based (although I have managed to get them finished today - results of this in the New Year).

As we near the end of the festive period, and think about taking down the decorations, I took a few quick photographs of the baubles adorning our Christmas tree:

I want to try and take a few more before the tree is packed away for another year, but am already pondering how I could use these images to make some Christmassy paintings (to either give as gifts or use as a bases for some handmade cards next year).

Now that I have seen this first set of general photos I plan to take a few more focussing on some specific baubles. I like the semi-abstract imagery created by photographing the baubles really close-up. Overcoming the challenge of recreating the transparency, reflections, and the soft lighting, of the images is however going to take some consideration.

My house is currently filled with the smell of homemade baking and other goodies for a party this evening. Happy New Year to all - see you on the other side!

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