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Since I set-up an account in summer 2009, I have been easily distracted bytwitter (usually at times when I should be working flat-out to meet an exhibition deadline, or something else equally important). Although this may been seen as a waste of time, I try and justify it by taking into account the other artists I have connected with through the site and the opportunities I have come across since joining.

One such opportunity was the #twitterartexhibit, which resulted in a piece of my art work being exhibited in Norway. Another opportunity that I recently come across, via a re-tweet by another artist I was following, was the saatchionline website. As described on their homepage this is:

' open social platform to provide the global art community a new way to discover, share, exhibit, promote, discuss and sell art online. We built this site for artists, art lovers, and anyone who appreciates a creative environment.'

I am still in the process of building my profile and uploading images, but what I managed to construct to date can be viewed here. Through connecting with this site I also discovered Showdown:

'... an online tournament where artists can showcase their work and go head-to-head with other artists, giving the winner a chance to display their art at the Saatchi Gallery in London.'

As this is free to enter (once that you joined the site) I thought that it would be a great opportunity to get my work seen by a larger audience. With limited time to upload images I had to select a painting to enter from those I had already added to my portfolio. Under pressure to get something in before the deadline I, somewhat randomly, opted to submit 'Melodie' to the contest:


Acrylic on canvas


The preliminary round of voting is now taking place and will end at 9.59am on 6 January 2011. In order to get through to the next round artists have to poll sufficient votes to register in the top 128 of entries. With 4494 entries it is something of a lottery to achieve this. It would be great to rank this highly but, more realistically, I would be very happy to end up within the top 50% of entries.

I would be most grateful (and excited) if you voted for my painting! It is a bit like X Factor for visual artists and, keeping regularly updated on my ranking, appeals to my not-so-hidden geekiness! I will, of course, update you on my ranking (even if I rank in last place come January - I have no shame!).

Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for a peaceful, productive and prosperous New Year! Now I have the small matter of some secret Christmas art works to complete...

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