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I was most excited to see a link that David Sandum had provided to an interview he did about the exhibition for a Norwegian news TV programme. The article about the exhibition is around 8.10 minutes into the news broadcast.

Can you spot may painting, Soldier, during the news clip (it appears fleetingly, and in part, several times)?:

Sadly I cannot speak Norwegian so have no idea what is being said (although I am sure that it is all very positive!). 60+ works have now been sold, meaning that over $2000 has been raised to buy children's books for the library. As far as I can see mine remains unsold, although the exhibition is on until January 2011 so there is still time yet!

All thanks go again to David Sandum who not only arranged and hung the exhibition, but is also now doing a range of promotional activities (including TV and radio interviews) to make the show as successful as possible.

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