Saltburn by the Sea

I was up t'North again earlier in the autumn and, amongst other things, visited Saltburn by the Sea. Although I have been to the North East many times before I have never visited Saltburn before. It is only a small town and has very much mostly kept all of its Victorian charm. My friend described it as a smaller scale Whitby. It has a proper old fashioned pier and fantastic (although, when I visited, very cold) beach:

As well as visiting the pier, a farmer's market, and an abundance of charity shops, we also visited the ArtsBank gallery:

It was great to see how this fantastic building has been refurbished and given a new lease of life. If I had the money and the knowledge I would love to refurbish one of the abandoned old buildings in Leicester for a similar purpose. The gallery was a real treasure trove with works and exhibits crammed into every available space (including the attic and basement!).

I love this Victoriana approach to hanging as you never know what hidden treasures you may stumble across. I think that there is also a place for cool, clean and minimal exhibition hangs, but the maxi-hanging approach appeals to my hoarder tendencies!

There was a great range of work on display, and also an exhibition celebrating the steel industry in Middlesbrough and mourning its decline. If you are in the area it is definitely worth a visit.

I read about this gallery via a link provided by Wendy Tate who has workexhibited at the gallery. Wendy is an artist who studied at Scarborough at the same time as me (although she was in the final year of the BA course, and then completed an MA, whilst I was there). She also studied with my at the Cyprus College of Art Easter School back in the early 00s.

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