I was very happy to have had the opportunity to supportthis exhibition organised by David Sandum to raise funds to buy children's books at a library in Moss, Norway. After meeting the deadline forOpen 22 I managed to paint 'Soldier' and post it off to Norway in time to meet the deadline:

The exhibition opened on Thursday 1 December and by all accounts has already been a great success with 40 works already sold. It is exciting to think that one of my works is currently being exhibited in Norway! The following image from the opening night shows the wall where my painting is displayed:

(Image courtesy of DavidSandumArt Flickr photostream)

It has been great to be involved with this project, and with over 200 entries, it makes me feel as though I definitely belong to an online artistic community (which, along with helping a good cause, was the reason I really wanted to get involved). I can thoroughly recommend twitter to artists as a great way of connecting with like-minded people.

Big appreciation and thanks to David Sandum for organising this exhibition - a great deal of work which I hope he feels justifiably proud of.

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