Studio appreciation (and envy)

I am lucky enough to now have a dedicated room to paint in but unfortunately, contrary to the regimented appearance of the photographed paint pots, I am not the best at utilising the space to its full potential due to ever present and increasing piles of clutter. I need to source and/or adopt some much better storage in order to try and organise (or at least contain) some of this paraphernalia.

I rather grandly refer to it as my studio space, but actually it is the spare box-room (which also contains the airing cupboard and boiler!).

The room also doubles as a storage area/dumping ground for the hoover, paper shredder, toilet roll supplies, the iron and ironing board on occasion, and all artefacts and paper that I think will be 'useful' at some point and can't quite bring myself to chuck away. As a result the room is often in a state in semi-permanent chaos.

Whenever I can build myself up to having a tidy and clean, the room is a perfectly fine space to work in:

However, more often than not, the room more typically resembles:

Although I am happy with the studio space that I have, it does not stop being envious of the spaces others have such as:

I really appreciate being able to have a designated room to create and paint in - for a long time I painted in a corner of a tiny room in a flat that also doubled as the kitchen and living room! However, this doesn't stop me aspiring to a bigger and more exciting studio space.

My ideal/ultimate studio space would be a penthouse-style large space perched on the roof of an old Victorian building. The space would be fully glazed with fold back doors. The space would have ample storage and sufficient wall and floor space to hand and lay down canvases to be worked on. It would also be self-cleaning(!).

One side would be a white wall to work on, and the other three sides would be made up of floor to ceiling fold-back glazed doors leading onto a large balcony that ran around the outside of the studio. One side would look out over a beach and the sea, the other wild moorland, and the third New York City. I know that this can never be made into a reality (either architecturally or geographically) but it does not hurt to dream!

What would be your ideal studio space?

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