Flown the nest

I said a fond farewell to 'Embrace' today as it was handed over to its new owner (over Sunday lunch at a pub!):

'Embrace' was exhibited at The City Gallery Open 18 exhibition in Leicester ()late 2006/early 2007, and has been displayed on various walls in my flat, and then house, ever since.

It is exciting to hand a painting over to a new owner, but also a little sad at the same time as you have invested time in creating it and get used to having it around. However, I am glad that it has gone to a new home and hope that the new owner is happy to receive it!

I am currently working on two new portraits (albeit on a smaller scale) for other people. Not to give too much away, but it is likely to be after Christmas when I reveal the fruits of these labours on here (incase prying eyes get a sneak preview)!

I always forget how much I enjoy painting portraits until I start work on a new one. I tend to work from photographs so I am able to take my time building up the image. It is quite routine for them to go horribly wrong at some point in the painting process, but rescuing them from the brink of disaster is all part of the challenge and fun. It also makes the moment when you finally manage to resolve an image even more satisfying.


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