Open 22

I went to the preview of The City Gallery Open 22 exhibition on Friday evening. I was delighted to have two paintings selected for inclusion in the exhibition which, this year, is being held in the grand setting of New Walk Museum and Art Gallery:

Even more exciting was seeing that Open 22 is on the same billing as a Gerhard Richter exhibition (which is being shown in the adjoining room):

Whilst I love the exhibition spaces within the Museum, it is a shame that the reason this space has been used is because The City Gallery was closed earlier in the year. The plans to build a new dedicated contemporary art gallery in Leicester have been withdrawn, and the future of the gallery still seems to be unclear. With this situation in mind I was keen to submit work this year to show my support to the gallery. It was not only great to see that so many other artists had also submitted work when I looked around the exhibition, but very encouraging to see the number of people attending the preview.

As with any open exhibition the submitted work can be hung anywhere and, as there is always a lot of work, positioning of your work can sometimes be a bit disappointing. As the preview was so packed it took a little while to find my two paintings, but I am more than pleased with where they have been hung.

'Marble' is located close to the entrance where the short-listed works for the Attenborough Prize are displayed:


Acrylic on canvas


'Flutter' is exhibited on one of the two display flats located in the centre of the space:


Acrylic on canvas


Sadly, as I went straight from work and there were so many people there, I did not take any photographs at the actual preview so these were taken when I went back with family to visit the exhibition today.

The Open 22 exhibition is on until 9 January 2011 so please do go and show your support for The City Gallery by visiting it if you can. There is a huge variety of work being exhibited (around 300 pieces) so it is definitely worth a visit.

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