The art of twitter

I am currently trying to put together an entry for this exhibition being organised by David Sandum. When I saw a tweet about this opportunity appear in my live feed on twitter I was intrigued. I am often asked why I use twitter and this is one of the main reasons - an opportunity to both connect with other artists around the world, and find out about opportunities to actively engage with a wider artistic community.

The thing that appealed to me about trying to put something together for this exhibition was the challenge that it provides. It is an opportunity to work, to a brief, in a different format. This is something that I do not often get the opportunity to do as I continue to develop my own practice where I am calling all of the shots. Also, coming out of the other side of meeting an exhibition deadline is always difficult, and this is exactly the kind of small project that allows me to try and maintain momentum.

Hopefully I will manage to get an entry together for this in time, it would be an interesting exhibition to be included in and it may be my only opportunity to exhibit something in Norway! I am working on some ideas tonight but am planning on using some of the imagery from this painting, Bella, but in a different context:

I will let you know how I get on.

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