The other third

I had hoped to complete for the open exhibition submission:

I started this canvas much earlier in the year to try and break a spell of unproductiveness and, after an initial burst of activity which put my back into the painting habit, the canvas was put to one side in favour of other projects. As tends to be my habit I left the work that I needed to do on the three canvas I wanted to submit to the open exhibition to the last minute (nothing like the pressure of a deadline to focus the mind!).

After an initial preliminary assessment of the canvas, and a brief painting session, I concluded that there was too much that I wanted to work on in order to resolve it in the time available. I therefore concentrated on completing both 'Marble' and 'Flutter' which were much closer to being resolved.

The canvas currently looks like this:

It is now probably further from completion than it was before I revisited it, but sometimes you need to take a couple of steps back with a painting in order to move forward.

I currently plan to work some texture into the foreground, redefine shapes, colours and textures in the background, and work on the actual detailing of the frog. Overall I want to create a greater sense of tonal contrast, whilst not losing the sense of spontaneity from which the painting emerged.

As is always the case this plan of action is subject to change. The more I continue to paint the more I enjoy working intuitively and responding to a canvas as it develops. I certainly do not start a canvas with a fixed idea of what it is going to look like. The paintings often begin to take on a life of their own. Part of the creative process is sometimes battling against this, whilst at other times it is letting yourself be led by the painting.

I am not sure when this one will be completed; I have ideas for at least two other canvases that I also want to make a start on, as well as a triptych to complete! I will keep you updated on progress as appropriate.

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