Guess who...'s me, Adam! Despite an absence of nearly a month I can confirm that I have not, contrary to appearances, abandoned my blog. It was a hectic October with work and social commitments, not to mention the small matter of trying to get paintings completed to submit for the annual City Gallery open exhibition.

The deadline was on Sunday and I was hoping to get three paintings completed. I was partially successful; I got two canvases to a state in which I was happy to submit them (66% success rate not too bad). I temporarily abandoned work on the third painting (AKA the one that got away) on Thursday night when I realised that I wanted to develop the majority of the canvas further than I initially anticipated, and there simply was not the time available to complete the work that I wanted to do to it. More on this in a future post.

On a more positive note I did manage to complete the following two paintings after an all night painting session on Saturday (nothing like the pressure of an unrealistic deadline to amount of work ratio to focus the mind!):


Acrylic on canvas



Acrylic on canvas


Both canvases are now at the gallery awaiting their turn in front of the selection panel. As I have said before I never get too disheartened if my work is not selected. Given everything else that has been going on recently I am more happy then ever before just to have had something ready to submit for the deadline. I also like to support the gallery by submitting work every year.

This year I have suffered a frustrating form of creative block. I have had ideas whirring around my head but have lacked the concentration to actually get these ideas onto canvas. Hopefully meeting this deadline has put these demons to rest and I can work off the back of the momentum garnered from meeting this deadline to complete some new projects.

I think that 'Marble' is most likely to get in, although I feel that 'Flutter' is the piece that will I use as a catalyst for future work. Contrary to my own opinion, feedback received from others to date has 'Flutter' as the favourite.

Both paintings have been challenging to complete. One benefit of a fixed deadline is that I can then put them both completely aside and cannot be tempted to meddle with them further!

Please feel free to leave a comment to predict what might get selected (please feel free to say neither if that is what you think, I won't be offended!). I will find out by the end of this week whether or not either canvas has been selected and will provide an updated post with the result. I might have to rustle-up an art related prize to send to the person who leaves the first comment correctly predicting the verdict of the selection panel.

Enough of this reflection for now - I have the studio to tidy, clean and rescue from this current state:

There is also the small matter of seeing if I can get further works lined up for possible submissions to exhibitions in Derby, Nottingham and Norway!

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