Hello and goodbye!

Just a quick update to confirm that I am still in the land of painting. With impending deadlines, and other commitments, it is a bit of struggle to fit in regular posts and also actually undertake any art work at the minute. I was working on the 'Flutter' painting over the weekend and it has progressed from this:

To this:

There is still more work to do. I never have a fixed idea of what a painting will look like when I start working on it, meaning that the canvases evolve intuitively, ideas being generated organically as the layers of paint are built-up. I currently have the following in mind to resolve this painting, but this is not a defined plan and may indeed change:

  • Continue to work on the body and wings of the butterfly to define shape, colour and form

  • Work on the small leaf near the top centre of the canvas to redefine the shape and form

  • Investigate the possibility of stylising the other larger green leaf at the top of the canvas as a lead in the heavily stylised flower pattern

  • Work on the large blue flower to the right of the canvas to add a greater sense of tonal contrast and depth

  • Generally tidy up and pull the image together by defining background details and creating stronger tonal contrasts.

Plenty to be getting on with then...

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