Plugging away

I continue to plug away at the three paintings that I am trying to complete in time for the local round of exhibition open submission deadlines. Out of the three canvases that I am trying to get finished, I have been working on the painting that is the furthest from completion.

Now with a working title of ‘Flutter’, the canvas has gone from this...

to this...

to this...

to how it currently sits as I wait for some of the paint to dry...

I still have a good way to go on this one. There is obviously a lot more work to do on the butterfly, along with some more background detail, development of the leaves, and generally adding a greater sense of depth (amongst other things). I have started to feel a lot more optimistic about this painting and feel that, with a couple more solid sessions at the easel, I can get it to some sort of semi-resolved state.

There comes a point in a painting where you begin to get excited about the foundations that you have laid on a canvas, and your mind starts to whir thinking about the direction in which the image may go. I have reached that stage with this painting. Although still far from finished, I am up for the challenges and battles ahead to get it completed.

In the time I have dedicated to starting to bring this painting to some kind of conclusion I could probably have completed another smaller work. However, I prefer to respond to deadlines for multiple works by having all paintings at similar stages. Working on multiple canvas at the same time allows a momentum to be maintained. In addition completing one painting at a time is usually counter-productive for me; I am too tempted to tweak them further and inadvertently begin to enter the tricky realms of ‘over-working‘.

As deadlines loom large I expect adrenaline to kick-in, quickly followed by panic and near hysteria. There will no doubt be several late night/early morning painting sessions accompanied by my trusty MP3 player.

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