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I have a day of painting planned for today as the end of October deadline for getting a current batch of paintings completed is looming. I am hopeful I will be able to get at least one completed in time.

Regular visitors may have noticed that I have recently added a twitter link to my website pages. As I am often not able to post as regularly as I would like, I have started to post (with increased but not completely consistent regularity) an 'image of the day' on twitter. This is another way for me to keep thinking creatively even when the demands of other commitments means that I do not have time to either sit-down at the easel to paint, or at the computer to post.

The image of the day is sometimes a photograph of a place I have visited...

Sometimes a snapshot of my (often untidy) studio space...

Or sketches/sketchbook pages...

A work-in-progress/completed canvas painting...

Or even a 'guess the reference' quiz...

These 'quiz images' are based on the paintings that I have completed based on toys and characters from the 1980s that I often employ as signifiers. Watch out for these quizzes as, through some of them, I will reward first correct guesses with an art-related prize made by my own fair hand. To add to the challenge I will set deadlines to receive responses.

I hope this additional strand of communication will not only encourage interaction with my work, but also set mini-deadlines for me to adhere to in order to create the prizes. It will also provide motivation to work on mini-projects when there is either not the time to commit to my bigger projects, or I hit a bit of a creative block.

Watch out for the next 'image of the day' set to appear later on today...

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