Rediscovered momentum

Over the past week I have finally managed to get back into something resembling a regular painting habit. I haven't managed to quite complete anything yet, but I am much more optimistic that I will at least have something completed in time for the autumnal round of Open Exhibition submissions.

Although there is still a way to go. the 'marbles' painting continues to progress:

I need to continue to redefine the shapes, tonal contrasts and colours of the marbles in particular. I have taken a bit of a step-back from this one for the time being as I had reached a position where I was being to lose sight of the 'bigger picture' by becoming too concerned with smaller details too early.

I could feel myself stating to become lazy and paint what I thought I was seeing instead of focussing on direct observation. This is the easy route, and a warning-sign for me that I need to take it break I also need to return to it with a fresh colour palette as the colours I had mixed had started to become muddy.

I feel that a few more concentrated painting sessions will allow me to bring this painting to a more satisfactory conclusion.

In the interest of paint economy I have used the remaining paint left in my palette to block-out the under-painting of shapes and forms of this long-neglected canvas:

Although I try to share successes, failures and works-in-progress, I am not quite confident enough to share the progress of this one quite just yet. I am however excited about the work I am doing on, and what I have planned for, this painting. Ideas are currently buzzing around as to how to further develop the initial concept of this painting, so hopefully I will be in a position to share some progress images of this work in due course.

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