Unfinished business

This year has been a bitty one painting-wise. Due to various reasons I lost the rhythm and momentum I had built up in my studio practice during last year and into the start of this. The subject that I had planned to tackle as part of a big project during 2010 did not quite get off the ground (but will be resurrected at a later date), and this seem to have had a knock-on effect on all productivity.

To help overcome this unexpected slump I decided to be more open with the subjects that I selected to paint to try and get back onto the road to productivity. I hoped that by being less blinkered subjectively I would be able to develop new visual ideas from inspiration sources that I do not ordinarily use. Unfortunately I have not managed to get any of the works I started completed yet.

After assessing what is lying around unfinished in the studio I have identified the following to recommence work on:

  • Marbles

This is a small canvas. I have completed the basic blocking of the shapes and now need to get stuck into the detail. I am just prepping my palette to get going on this one:

  • Peacock feather

Still very early stages with this one (only a basic block background colour committed to canvas so far!). I hope to do an observational study of a peacock feather on this canvas. I need to define the basic shapes before moving onto colour and fine details. This is going to be a laborious task but a challenge that I am very much looking forward to. How long it takes me to execute is anyone’s guess, but the longer you study something the more detail you tend to see in it so I could be in for the long haul with this one:

  • Patterned triptych

This is a commissioned piece. I need to draft a sketch f the imagery that I am hoping to overlay across these canvases. I should really get going on this one almost immediately. I was asked to do it longer ago than I care to admit!:

  • Natural form 3 project

Only managed to get as far as playing with colour on this one. I need to draft a cartoon of the imagery that it going to be layered onto the canvas, as well as continue to play around with basic blocks of colour and shape:

  • Frog painting

I had an initial burst of activity with this painting, but then came to a complete stand-still. I will probably tackle this one early-on in my new painting resurgence. I need to get into the finer detail on this one, something which is usually one of my favourite parts of the painting process:

As you can see there is more than enough to be getting to with. I feel that if I get one painting finished this will have a knock-on effect and get me painting regularly again. I am kicking off this process with the marble painting as it is the smallest canvas.

Over the weekend I hope to research some of the local open exhibition submission deadline dates. I am not sure what, if anything, I will have finished and ready to submit this year. Fingers crossed that I can at least get a couple completed!

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