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One of the many things that I love about St Ives is the thriving artistic community. There is a real sense of creativity within the town which manifests itself in a variety of ways including:

  1. A collection of commercial galleries

  2. A selection of artists own studios and shops to look around, with the opportunity to watch the artists at work and talk to them

  3. Craft and art workshops and fairs. There are many of these around the town, both permanent and seasonal,. They bring together the work from a variety of makers covering numerous disciplines. Ditto point three about seeing the makers in situ. I especially liked the Sloop Craft Workshops and envied the spaces that the artists and makers had

  4. Art is clearly very important to Cornwall; to its history, tourism and culture. Artists and galleries are mentioned prominently in tourist literature, and there is seemingly something creative to see at every corner. The great scenery, coastlines and light quality no doubt provide artistic inspiration, but also add to an atmosphere that I have not experienced anywhere else

  5. There are plenty of opportunities to have a go and do something creative yourself. I again went to one of the evening life drawing session at the St Ives School of Painting. I will show the results of my labours in my next post.

  6. Prominent Tate galleries:

  • Tate St Ives - I enjoyed the Lily van der Stokker exhibition during a visit late on a Friday evening when there was free entry. I was also surprised by the quality of their permanent collection. Definitely worth a visit, although the gallery spaces were smaller than I expected (as I went in for free I am not complaining though!)

  • Barbara Hepworth Museum and Garden - as discussed in previous posts.

As per my visit last year I have come away from St Ives feeling freshly inspired and, more importantly, with enough hard work, determination and sacrifice it is possible to make a living from your own creative work.

If this is not enough to convince you to visit I stumbled across the Waitrose webpage giving 15 reasons why you should make a visit!

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