St Ives - Hepworth close-up

I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Garden one afternoon after it had been raining.

Rain, during part of any seaside summer holiday, does not seem particularly fortuitous but, on this occasion, it provided the opportunity to photograph the water sitting on top of the surface of some of Hepworth’s sculptures located in the garden:

I find these images really interesting. The opportunity to get so close to the sculptures meant that you could really get a sense of the surface texture of each piece. There was even an opportunity to walk inside one of the pieces and peer through to the outside world.

The water seems to add a further dimension to the aesthetic of the sculptures, and the tactile nature of the surfaces. I like the contradiction of the fleeting nature of the water droplets against the solidity of the object that they are resting upon. Knowing that touching the surface would disrupt the formation of the water forever adds a certain tension that could only be captured in a short timeframe before the water is either evaporated in the sunshine, or becomes distorted by another bout of rain.

The extreme cropping of certain areas of the sculptures also adds to their intrigue, as the abstract forms become further abstracted. This focussing-in on a small area of an object is how I was initially introduced to visully abstract concerns.

As I mainly work in acrylic on canvas the contact that my work has with the outside elements is usually very minimal (they are only ever really exposed very fleetingly if they are transported anywhere). The idea of leaving some of my own work outside to face the elements is an interesting idea. It would mean that the image would evolve outside of my own control. This is something that I might investigate further, particularly with works that I have not really managed to resolve.

I will keep you posted on any attempts at this, and whether the outcome yielded anything interesting or inspiring.

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