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One of the great things about St Ives is the coastline that surrounds it. For such a relatively small place there are a surprising number of brilliant beaches, as well as a harbour, all within easy walking distance of the town centre. The quality of the light at St Ives is renowned amongst visual artists, and this is never more apparent than when the sunlight reflects off the sand giving it an almost luminous quality. The fact that the sand also appears to glow in overcast or rainy conditions is testament to this.

The luminous quality of the sand, coupled with the crystal clear water with patches of deep turquoise, means that it is easy to forget that you are still in the UK:

On the afternoon of my first day in St Ives I headed down to the nearest beach, sat in the sand by a small cliff face, and sketched the following:

This was a really challenging sketch to undertake as there was so much visual information within the small patch of rocks I selected to base my study upon. Many amendments were made, and I never did quite manage to capture the impossibly fluid way in which these hard edged objects fused and merged together.

It was definitely a good exercise to do and, with more time and the tide not rapidly approaching my seating area, I would have stayed to attempt another sketch. Saying that, I did still manage to record enough of the shapes, shadows and contours to use as a reference point to inform and inspire future work.

After looking at the beach areas in quite general terms at the start of the week, I started to focus my attentions onto more specific details . This led to some almost abstract images that I will share tomorrow. Taking into consideration my rubbish camera, and very sloppy operational skills, some of the images are surprisingly interesting. This is probably down to the good quality light at St Ives rather then anything to do with me!

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