Sketchbook surprise

I am still keeping up the promise to myself to do some sketching every day. With a rejuvenated interest in sketching activity I have been spending some time looking through previous sketchbooks. One of the things that surprised me when doing this was the number of collages that I used to do.

These collages were only very basic pieces, which were often more about securing inspirational materials in one place (before they were lost forever), than creating compositional masterpieces. Looking back over them now it is clear that the layering, and juxtaposition of different techniques, within my paintings was more influenced by collage work than I realised:

These old sketchbooks have inspired me to reintroduce collage into my regular practice. The collages will both support and inspire the sketch studies that I do, and also allow me to incorporate found and self-created mages. As I have recently referred back to some of the imagery in the collages that I created nearly 10 years ago, it is also clear that they become a very useful resource, no matter how banal or rudimentary their construction may seem at the time.

I can now definitely appreciate the benefit of undertaking collage work. At the very least it is a brilliant way to tidy up and store all of the bits of inspirational paper, fabric and images that I continually collect, and allow to pile up on the studio desk/spill out of storage drawers and boxes! Time to get cutting and sticking...

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