Sketching Spears

I am pleased to report that, to date, I have carried out my sketch-a-day challenge. It has only been a few days so far but it is a positive start.

Over the weekend I watched one of the many music channel lists of greatest things, this one being the top 50 best music videos of all time (as short listed by a panel of experts and voted for by Channel 4 viewers!). In this particular list some of you may be shock/surprised/appalled to know that 'Toxic' by Britney Spears was voted in at No. 2:

Those of you who know me will be aware that I am a (not very secret) Britney Spears fan . For those who did not know this - please do not judge me! I have had an idea for a Britney Spears painting in the pipeline for a while. Basically the idea is to do an integrated, multi-faceted, portrait of Spears using images of her at various stages of her career.

I am partly using the sketch-a-day challenge to progress this idea further. One of the sketches that I have completed is of Spears, from a media photograph taken at the time that she shaved her hair off a couple of years ago:

This is by no means a resolved sketch but rather a starting point. Apologies for the glare on part of the sketch (created by the light from the scanner going over the dense areas of graphite). I intend to sketch from this same image several more times to get a better feel for the form and shadows, and also to try and sketch the full head. Once I feel more confident with the mark-making I will potentially use this as one element to the portrait painting.

I find this a very strong image. In this moment Spears is in full control of what she is doing, and yet she is clearly also out of control because of the questionable judgement that she has made to shave her head. For someone who has most probably been told what to do, and how to do it, since a very young age, this kind of reaction was maybe inevitable at some point.

Enough of my amateur psychology for now. The sketchbook awaits. I am going to try and sketch an air-bushed/photoshopped photograph of Spears tonight. Due to the way in which these photographs have been heavily manipulated this can be challenging, but I will give it a go.

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