One year on...

It has been over a year now since I started blogging! I inadvertently let the exact date (2 July 2009) go by without marking the occasion and so am doing so retrospectively. From my rather timid and tentative first post, to the full on onslaught of babble to be found in almost all subsequent posts, I have thoroughly enjoyed the blogging process.

Someone asked me a few months ago why I blogged. A good question, and one that I have been pondering since. Like most seemingly non-essential things in life, it is difficult to fully justify why I blog. In essence I believe that I enjoy the process of blogging because:

  1. It helps me to promote and share my art work, and the processes and reasoning behind it, with others

  2. It is a way of connecting with other artists; sharing experiences, difficulties and inspiration

  3. It allows me to feel connected to an artistic community. This is something which I really missed upon completing my degree when the daily studio contact with others with the same interest suddenly ended

  4. It challenges me to write about, and critique, my artwork; making me think about what it is I am doing. and why I am doing it

  5. It keeps me thinking about art even when I am not producing as much work as I would like

  6. It reminds me of what I have been doing and what I have achieved (always good to look back on when in the midst of a creative block). It allows me to publicly share working schedules and deadlines (and forces me to question myself when they are not met!)

  7. For another, more frivolous reason, it is an opportunity to keep a diary (something that I have never done before even though I had always wanted to)

  8. It appeals to my inner-geek (creating archives and studying visitor stats!)

  9. It gives you a glimpse into the lives of others (e.g. it allows you to be nosey)

  10. It provides an outlet to write publicly (handy until I get that elusive weekly newspaper column/finally get round to writing that award winning novel!).

Do others have very particular reasons for why they blog? Why are some people totally anti-blogging? What appeals to people in a blog and makes them visit regularly? I would be interested to hear other people's thoughts on blogging... ...useful tool for social interaction, or a waste of time?


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