Sketching station

I have set out my stall in the studio to reflect my newly refreshed sketch-a-day resolution. The desktop has gone from looking like this:

To this:

Much more conducive to artistic production! I am just in the process of putting together a small stock of objects to sketch from. The halogen lamp has been relocated from the other side of the desk to provide some additional directional lighting when appropriate/required.

The sketch a day challenge starts tomorrow, any bets on how many consecutive days I will be able to keep it going?! At the very least it will be nice to walk into a tidier studio space in the morning!

One important factor for me to remember is that not every sketch needs to be perfect and that, quite often, the best initial ideas to develop are the those that occur by accident through experimentation. I also need to start using mixed media and collage again, if only to actually use the random inspirational 'stuff' that I collect rather than leave it to accumulate in piles across the desk!

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