Weekend wildlife 2

Here are some of the photographs I took of the rather less static wildlife during my weekend away:

Ducks and hungry ducklings

Me cornered and stranded by ducklings after bread for breakfast (they had already eaten it all!)

Cheeky swans eating off the patio table

My favourite photograph, mother and child sleeping right after stuffing themselves with the finest Hovis bread

I also attempted a couple of sketches

Not my proudest moment of artistry by any stretch. I wanted to share this to show others, and myself, that not everything in a sketchbook needs to be a perfect artwork. Sketchbooks are supposed to be a place to try out new ideas, collect information and experiment.

The temptation for me with this page is to rip it out or cover it over with something else. However, I am going to be brave and leave it in. Although I very much doubt it, it could come in useful at some point. It is also a good reference to look back at as I continue to re-practice regular sketching to see how I develop as my drawing style begins to re-evolve.

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