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I had a few days away at Center Parcs last weekend. For anyone who has not been, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the countryside for city dwellers (well for those like myself who prefer their countryside perfectly landscaped and manicured, with nice restaurants, swimming pool and tennis courts nearby!). During my visit I managed to take some photographs of various things to add to my archive of inspirational material:

The general woodland setting

Snapshot of the view from the bedroom window - not a bad scene to be greeted with in the morning!

Interesting textures and shapes of the bark on the tree trunks

Flowering plants

I want to start introducing more organic shapes and textures into my work so these images will hopefully be useful to refer to as part of this process. I want to juxtapose the manmade with the natural as a subtext to my work, exploring the impact we have on the environment and how our own creations sit alongside (or obliterate it in some instances) the natural environment. I am not quite sure how this will be incorporated but it is an idea to start playing around with.

There were also a menagerie (often overly tame and occasionally damn-right cheeky) birds that visited the villa to be fed each day. Some images of these to follow in my next post...

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