Simply sketching (London part 3)

This is the final instalment of the report on my visit to the V&A last weekend. I was staying in London overnight but kept luggage to an absolute minimum as I knew that I would have to carry the bag around with me all day Saturday and Sunday. Upon reaching the V&A I discovered that ,sadly, two of the items that I had accidentally culled from my limited luggage were my small sketchbook and pen.

I had always planned to try and do some sketching whilst at the museum and, upon seeing others studiously hunched over sketchbooks drawing, I immediately headed to the gift shop to pick up a small lightweight sketchbook and pen. The results of this hunt were:

The sketchbook was perfect, but the pen?!? I have never really seen a pen like it. As it was shaped like a small tube of paint it was not the easiest, or most comfortable, drawing implement. It was, alas, the only pen I could find in the gift shop. I am not sure if I was looking in the wrong place, or if the V&A gift shop buyer has a particular aversion To stocking pens?!?

Unfortunately my sketching enthusiasm soon began to wane . There was so much to see, the museum was quite busy, and our aimless wandering (although exciting) was quite tiring. This general atmosphere was not particularly conducive to undertaking considered observation drawing.

I did however use one of the activity stations to do some rubbings:

Started but, due to time constraints, never finished a sketch from a sculpture:

And started a sketch of a portrait relief:

My friend, instead of sketching from the portrait relief, decided to draw me:

Thanks Jen! I want assure all that I in no way condone smoking, and I was absolutely, resolutely not, smoking inside the V&A!!

I want to plan another trip down to London to visit some of the museums for the sole purpose of sketching. On this trip I want to be more focussed on what I go to see, and make some detailed studies of selected works. I aim to progress the marble painting tomorrow whilst plotting my next London trip.

In other London news #3 Whilst standing outside Selfridges I witnessed a seagull eating a dead pigeon that had been run over by (possibly multiple) vehicles.

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