Super sculpture (London part 1)

Following on from the first instalment about my trip to London I wanted to pay special homage to the sculpture rooms or, more correctly, the casting courts. I have only ever visited the courts once before in 2000 as part of my undergraduate studies:

Here we are looking jolly pleased with ourselves for being in fancy London stood beneath the cast of Michelangelo's David

This is a close-up of the cast taken last weekend

Sadly I could not re-create the group shot from 2000 as there is now an interactive sculpture placed almost directly in front of David. I did not partake in the interactive sculpture (you had to walk through it) as:

  • You had to take off your shoes (I didn't want to subject the V&A to my stinky feet after walking around London all day)

  • There was quite a long queue (I only consider queuing for tourist attractions for longer than a few minutes if they are located at Alton Towers, Flamingo Land or Drayton Manor!)

My passion has always been for painting and I have never really properly explored the medium of sculpture. This makes me admire it all the more as I am not familiar with many of the processes behind it. The shadows and contours created by the forms are also perfect ways to refine your drawing and observational skills. The sight of art students scattered around the courts drawing in various media and styles made me wish that I had brought more drawing materials (and a portable seat) with me!

If I had the time and materials with me during my visit I would have loved to have sketched from the following amongst others:

In the final instalment of my London travels repot, to follow in due course, I will disclose my limited, and rather shambolic, token sketching efforts.

In other London news #2 I saw the Ghostbusters car in Leicester Square. In the absence of seeing any actual celebrities I am classing this as a celebrity sighting!

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