Quashed quilts (London part 1)

I visited London over the weekend primarily to visit the 'Quilts: 1700 - 2010' exhibition at the V&A. This visit had been months in the planning and, quite shockingly, I did not see a single quilt!

With no disrespect or disregard for the quilts, upon arrival at the V&A, it became immediately apparent that there was more then enough to see without paying a visit to this exhibition. I have been to the V&A before, but not for a good few years. and I had forgotten just how many exhibits and spaces there were!

I am a fan of looking at 'old stuff' and exploring old buildings generally, so the opportunity to explore the labyrinth of rooms at the V&A, and see some really, really 'old stuff', was the perfect way to spend the day. I was in the museum for a full day and feel as though I only really touched the surface of everything it has to offer. I like the way the museum is set out and the different nooks and crannies that can be explored. It has a feeling of Victoriana about it, encouraging you to look for possible hidden treasures. I much prefer this to the pared-down, minimalist approach to many contemporary exhibitions.

Sadly I did not make notes about any of the objects that I saw during my visit, but highlights included:

Cows (that were containers of some kind)

Intricately detailed metalwork

A wooden table (this is one of my favourite images from the day)

I found the sculpture rooms the most inspirational area of the day. Photos and comments to follow later in the week in the second instalment of my London travels report.

In other London news #1 The Indian restaurant where I ate dinner had mouse poo in the ladies toilet, and sick in the urinal in the gents. I was not aware of these facts until after eating. Luckily I have the constitution of an Ox so no adverse effects have been felt (so far, touch wood, etc etc).

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