No painting over this weekend due to an excursion to London (news of which to follow later in the week). However, I am pleased to report that I did manage to do at least some painting for five consecutive days in a row last week (a small miracle given my 2010 painting record up until now!).

The upshot of this activity is that the marble painting has made slow but steady progress from this:

To this:

There is still some more basic blocking and shaping work to be completed on the forms before I move onto the detail. The next stage is to start layering colours and tones to create a real sense of contrast and depth. I am almost at the stage where each mark needs to represent and dictate a sense of the form. This is a challenging but very decisive stage as it is often immediately obvious if any of the mark-making is not quite right.

I am aiming to achieve a balance between an illusion of the form, and a sense that the image is comprised of marks made by applying paint to the canvas using a paintbrush. Aesthetically this means that I am not aiming for a photorealist, intricately detailed, finish, but something a bit more painterly.

I will aim to do at least some painting each night again this week, and will move onto mixing colours in the Stay-Wet palette using a specially selected set of colours to work from. Fingers crossed that I can keep the productivity momentum going. Just off to do a bit more now...!

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