One small step...

...for my artwork today, but a significant one. After tidying up the studio to something resembling some kind of order I have finally managed to put paintbrush to canvas again this afternoon - hooray!

I have started work on the first canvas inspired by a reflections box; a small scale experimental piece to see what ideas can be developed from this concept. The painting is only at the very early stages, but I have managed to block in the basic shapes that form the basis of the composition:

As you can see there is clearly still a lot of work to do. I have started by identifying the basic shapes with similar tonal values, and have just begun the process of beginning to block in some of the areas of shade. I will then move on to the areas of light, before using these three points of tonal reference to work in the finer detail and full colour range.

I am currently interested in the idea of the object being reflected, but the reflections not being exactly the same as the object. As I begin to develop this concept further I would like to question the illusion of the reflections further by using different painting techniques within the same composition; to explore how the reflections can directly reference the object whilst simultaneously being distinguishable from it.

The next step is to clean out my palette and create a range of colours to really get into the detail and create a sense of depth. I will keep you posted on progress...

#WIP #Workinprogress #Marbles #Object #Stilllife

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