Untidy and unproductive

It has been a bad week on the art productivity front this week. I have achieved absolutely nothing in the studio. On the plus side this has finally made me realise that I need to take real action to try and re-establish at least a resemblance of a work-life balance.

The first stage in this process is to tidy my studio space which has reached an all time low of untidiness:

I am sharing this image with great shame - I am hoping that the humiliation will spur on my cleaning and tidying efforts!

During times of such un-productivity I often refer back to this book about Jenny Saville that I purchased a few years ago:

This book seemed like an expensive purchase at the time, but has proven to a be a brilliant investment. Jenny Saville is, without doubt, my favourite contemporary painter.

I always refer back to this book in times of creative crisis for inspiration and motivation. There are several interesting articles, an interview with Saville, and an abundance of good quality reproductions of her paintings (including many pages of very close-up shots of canvases highlighting the application and layering of paint). There are also some photographs of her studio; I always find it fascinating to have a glimpse of how other painters work, and the environment in which they produce their work.

Feeling freshly inspired the mammoth studio tidy-up will now commence in earnest...

PS Am being forced to watch the England match tonight against my better judgement. On the plus side this viewing experience will be accompanied by a Chinese takeaway and beer!

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