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Sadly nothing of note to report on the painting productivity front. Work, work, work, exhaustion, lounging about, back to work. This probably best sums up the past week or so for me. I did make time to peruse a couple of Sunday papers yesterday and read some reviews of the new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London, 'Newspeak'. I particularly noted Scott King’s ‘Pink Cher'.

I painted a series of Cher’s back in 2007:

If only I had...

  1. Limited the colour palette

  2. Used a different source image of Cher

  3. Incorporated screenprint and paint

  4. Worked on a much larger scale

  5. Frequented the hunting grounds of Charles Saatchi

  6. Been doing a lot more painting

  7. Been luckier/more talented could of been me enjoying Saatchi's patronage!!

On the plus side, not only do my Cher’s have a one year vintage on King’s, but our painting school in Scarborough has clearly been very influential over the British art scene (yeah right!). There are clearly a lot of ‘if only's' involved in this patronage pondering, so the only thing to do is to stop dreaming and get painting.

Another busy week at work this week but I am going to try and at least get some drawing completed.

PS The reviews I read would suggest that ‘Newspeak’ is worth a visit if you find yourself down that way.

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