I have to sheepishly admit that I did not complete hardly any painting over the bank holiday weekend. Throwing caution the to the parameters of good taste/intellectual status I am going to admit that my bank holiday weekend mainly consisted of:

  • Watching Paranormal Activity (I was scared):

  • Watching Sex and the City 2 (not as bad as the critics made out, feel good fun):

  • Reading The Lost Symbol (blockbuster reading at its best, although slightly disappointed by the ending)

  • Beating everyone at a game of Uno (a game of complete luck, although when I win it is obviously down to cunning skill!).

My plan over the next month or so is to try and finish at least some of the canvases that are currently stacked-up around my studio in various stages of unfinished-ness:

The frog painting I really must try and get finished as, after an initial flurry of activity earlier in the year, it has sat idle on my easel ever since.

The three square canvases are the commissioned piece mentioned here. I know what I want to add to these to get them finished, I just need to crack on and do it.

The small square grey canvas will be the first painting based upon my'reflections box' investigations. The taller grey canvas is earmarked for a painting of a peacock feather but, depending on how the square painting goes, my initial compositional ideas may evolve to reflect the reflections theme.

The other tall canvas is another natural form painting for which I am still working on compositional ideas. This is the one that I will tackle gradually over time and let it develop more organically.

Plenty to be doing to avoid watching any more scary films then!

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