Multiple marbles madness!

After finally sourcing the materials to make a 'reflections box' I have started to get together some different objects to see what interesting compositions and shapes I can come up with. My favourite objects tried out in the box so far are marbles:

As the marbles are semi-translucent they create quite complicated reflections. I also tried incorporating marbles reflected from outside the box into the compositions:

This creates further scope for investigation by arranging compositions consisting of objects within an environment, whilst simultaneously referencing objects outside of the environment. It is quickly becoming apparent that this simple box could help me to develop and evolve a substantial body of work.

I have decided that I am going to over-paint the unfinished marble painting on the small square canvas seen here...

and here... my first painting based on the reflections box using the marbles. I like the idea of re-using a canvas to paint the same object but in a very different way. Depending on how this canvas goes I would like to move onto a larger scale for subsequent paintings as I feel that these images could, if compositionally resolved, create strong visual statements.

#WIP #Workinprogress #Stilllife #Object #Marbles

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