Surrealism and sewing...

..pretty much sums up my Monday evening. I have been watching the Modern Masters series on BBC One. I have just finished watching the last of the series about Salvador Dali on BBC i-player as I missed it yesterday evening. I have really enjoyed watching this series and, once again, am keen to recommend it to others (I am not on commission from the BBC - honest!).

The series has thoroughly inspired me to get cracking with my own artwork, and to stop finding excuses to avoid tackling tricky painting problems. Being reminded of the substantial creative output of four hugely successful artists has reminded me of the infinite sources of inspiration that surround me.

My three favourite things from the episode about Dali were:

  • The use of my favourite 'art student word' by one of the interviewees -juxtaposition. I am convinced that using this word in an assessed critique of your work as a student usually meant at least a couple of extra marks (used in the correct context only of course!). This is only an perceived assumption on my part so don't take this as gospel if you are a student about to face your assessments (although it might be fun to try and quote it at some point anyway!).

  • Dali apparently designed the logo for these (which I didn't know previously):

  • Dali was described as a great master of 'mass communication' and so would, I am sure, have loved twittering!

As, over the past year, I have fully immersed myself in the blog/twitter/facebook sphere I feel fully justified in this geeky pursuit! Please feel free to follow me on twitter by following the link in the right hand column on this page.

My own painting has been put onto hold for this evening as grappled with a needle and thread to sew together two holes in my trouser pockets whilst watching Modern Masters (hopefully my keys will no longer fall through the bottom of my trousers every time I move), and I have started to pull together a collection of items to experiment with in my ‘reflections box’.

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