Mirror, mirror

I have been on the hunt for some mirrored tiles to create a 'reflections box'. Although I easily managed to find a stockist close to my work, they have been frustratingly out of stock for the past few weeks. Luckily, on a trip to Wikinsons yesterday for something else, I stumbled across some slightly smaller (and much cheaper) mirrored tiles that I promptly snapped up! After a bit a faffing around yesterday afternoon figuring out how to assemble the tiles together, and trying not to get glue on the kitchen floor, I managed to put together the much discussed 'reflections box':

The exterior of the box is very rough around the edges but the interior has the effect that I was after so I am happy. Here I have stated to play with positioning a single object within the box to see how it works within the reflected environment.

I must admit I have not yet quite worked out how to photograph whatever is in the box without my own reflection interfering with the reflections too much. As I will mostly be using the box to create sketches from this is not currently too problematic.

The plan is to arrange items in the box and create drawings based on the reflected shapes, and the interesting juxtapositions created by the infinite reflections. I am hopeful that I will be able to feed this into my studio paintings in some way; the use of physical reflections complimenting my conceptual concerns of reflecting on history, memories and people.

Unfortunately I am just about the head off to work for an evening event, but after that let the drawing commence!

#WIP #Workinprogress #Heman #Orko #Stilllife #Object

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