Over the past couple of weeks I have been watching the 'Modern Masters' series on BBC One (although I missed the first one on Warhol). I think that watching these programmes has certainly played a part in inspiring me to get back into the painting habit. The programme last night was about Picasso.

I studied Cubism quite intensively during my A Levels. This meant that, of course, I looked at some of Picasso's work. I also researched, and was inspired by, the African masks that influenced Picasso. The following painting was the culmination of my studies at A Level:

Whilst my work has developed since this piece, and is no longer a direct homage to Cubism, the idea of fracturing pictorial space, reinterpreting reality, and creating multi-faceted imagery remains a very prevalent concern. Watching the programme last night started to re-ignite the youthful enthusiasm I had for painting and drawing back then. Seeing again the dedication and gusto with which Picasso approached his art has definitely made me want to 'buck-up' my painting practice.

I also noticed yesterday that one of the house cactus plants had flowered:

This is a plant that I brought from a chain store, along with a group of another 4 or 5 cacti, around 6 years ago. The fact that it is finally flowered for the first time this year is nothing short of a miracle - I had nearly managed to wipe it out completely a couple of years ago.

Seeing plants begin to flower and blossom as the spring progresses into summer has also inspired me to get cracking on my painting. The rounds of exhibition deadlines in the autumn is fast approaching. The changing scenery of my environment has reminded me that these deadlines are hurtling towards me and I could soon be in a state of complete painting panic. It is most certainly time to put my post-Christmas painting blues behind me.

Meanwhile progress continues on my latest canvas. Hopefully I will begin to resolve this canvas over the next week or so. The plan is to try and get it to some kind of finished state by the end of May.

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